More Massiera, More!

The Massiera resurrection is not over!

After Psychoses, volumes 1 and 2, Mucho Gusto Records presents the complete reissues of Herman’s Rocket’s “Space Woman” and Venus Gang’s “Galactic Soul”, two classic “space disco” albums produced in 1977 and 1978.


Space Woman, Herman’s Rocket’s only album, was created in 1977 by Jean-Pierre Massiera and his half brother Bernard Torelli. The goal was to surf on the “space disco” trend, using sci-fi themes and inter galatic grooves. But like many Massiera signature productions, these were too much out there to hit massively.

MGLP010Still connected with the cosmos, Massiera brings the concept back the year after with Venus Gang on the album Galactic Soul (aka Synthetic Soul). The group is comprised of Massiera, Torelli, Patrick Barbero and singers Micky & Joyce.

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These snazzy two are available on beautiful 180 gr vinyl, and come with a download card. Though if you buy them at our Mucho Boutique, you get an instant download of high resolution audio. Or you can take just the digital album, but that’s not nearly as much fun!


2 Comments to “More Massiera, More!

  • Scott Duncan dit :

    These reissues are great!!!

    Brilliant to be able to get these rare cosmic disco and psychedlic platters for a fair price on a shiny new LP, rather than trawl ebay for 300 euro prices!

    Well done guys.

    I have one question – Do you have any plans to release any other projects by Massiera?

    I would love to see a reissue of Grand Prix – Mach 1 LP


  • Rico dit :

    We do have plans to release a very rare and sought-after Massiera in 2012. It’s not Grand Prix though. Keep posted!

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