Best of both worlds!

“Human Egg” goes digital


You can now get Jean-pierre Massiera’s “Human Egg” as a digital album from our Mucho Boutique. This means, as for most of our discs, that buying the vinyl also gets you an immediate download of hi-resolution digital audio.

Walk me through this!

When you buy the record, right after checkout, you can choose your preferred audio format. You can get either mp3 @ 320 kbits/second (which is quite good), AAC (the iTunes format, which is about the same quality), or if you have lots of disk space you can get FLAC or Apple Lossless, which are the equivalent of a CD source file. And there are some more.

And now, on with the listening pleasure! — The Mucho guys


2 Comments to “Best of both worlds!

  • Kylounette dit :

    Hi guys.
    You’re doing a great work bringing up JP Massiera to the world, back in all its vinyl glory !

    Do you plan by any chance to rerelease the album Phantasmes, by JPM & Co. ?

    Thanks, and keep on giving good music another life !

    • Rico dit :

      No sorry darling, not anytime soon. Currently in production is a Québec sixties comp’, very unique. Bientôt!

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