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Visitors on the GTA V Soundtrack

So you’ve been playing GTA V?
Well there’s a good chance you’ve noticed the V.I.S.I.T.O.R.S. track by Visitors:
Psychoses Discoïd (1976-1981) by Visitors



Divine Pop. Mambo Psalms. Gogo Masses.
Always eager to honour our national motto, Mucho Gusto thought it would be righteous and good to resuscitate a unique period of our musical heritage. The Résurrection! compilation offers a taste of some of the most amazing Christian popular chants from Quebec, recorded during its heyday of [...]

Free Download

Mucho Gusto offers you a free download of the song «Coupe tes longs cheveux» by Yvon Hubert, from the new Résurrection! compilation.

Best of both worlds!

You can now get Jean-Pierre Massiera’s “Human Egg” as a digital album from our Mucho Boutique — but we bet you’ll want the vinyl too.

Hot new vinyls out!

Mucho Gusto has two hot new platters to satisfy your musical hunger: the «Freak Out Total, vol. 33» compilation, and the reissue of «Les Maledictus Sound».

More Massiera, More!

The Massiera resurrection is not over!
After Psychoses, volumes 1 and 2, Mucho Gusto Records presents the complete reissues of Herman’s Rocket’s “Space Woman” and Venus Gang’s “Galactic Soul”, two classic “space disco” albums produced in 1977 and 1978.

Space Woman, Herman’s Rocket’s only album, was created in 1977 by Jean-Pierre Massiera and his half brother Bernard Torelli. The goal was to surf [...]