Various – Freak Out Total Vol.33

Various – Freak Out Total Vol.33

Limited Edition of 500 copies on 180 gr vinyl. No CD, no digital.


Propelled by forces running at speed 33, the Freak Out Total compilation series is back with a new volume! Once again it offers an eclectic mix of 60s & 70s jello-psych-bubble-trashypop-hard-soft-rock, giving a new life to sometimes neglected (Guy Rhéaume), forgotten (Moss Doss Phobosmoss), rejected (Pierre Mercier), or acclaimed (Les Classels, François Guy) French and Quebecois artists.

Compiled by Satan Bélanger, unlikely guru of the underground, the Freak Out Total compilations should bring the listener to a constant state of near-nirvana or levitation, thanks to its fine selection of hypnotic jerks and frenetically demented dances.

A Side

  1. Aouaie! Viens t’en (François Guy)
  2. Trop vite (Lucille Bastien)
  3. Terre de feu (Évolutions Phase 1)
  4. L’herbe de la paix (Les Classels)
  5. J’ai du bon tabac (Madeleine Chartrand)
  6. Le vaisseau (Guy Rhéaume)
  7. Perdu (Yves Doenias)

B Side

  1. Je crois en moi (Genèse)
  2. Peace love people and music (Moss Doss Phobosmoss)
  3. Une fleur en passant (Les Extrêmes)
  4. C’est ça la vie (Pierre Mercier)
  5. Cago-9 (Paul Baillargeon)
  6. Une fille comme ça (Simon)
  7. Adieu (Richard)



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