Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman

Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman

Limited edition on 180 gr vinyl (includes download card).

Available as Vinyl+download, or as download-only digital album.


Commissioned by Italian producer Mémé Ibach (Karen Cheryl), HERMAN’S ROCKET was created in 1977 by JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA and his half brother BERNARD TORELLI. The goal was to surf on the « space disco » trend, using sci-fi themes and inter galatic grooves. But like many MASSIERA signature production these were too much out there to hit massively. Ignored when it was released, the only HERMAN’S ROCKET album soon became a sought after masterpiece of space disco.

For Herman’s Rocket and Venus Gang, the tracks were composed with mixes of delirious voices and moogs. Musicians and singers improvised totally. Afterward I added “theme” gimmicks and different mixes keeping it fresh and unplanned.” — Jean-Pierre Massiera

A Side

  1. Space Woman
  2. Golden crystallen
  3. Transport Mission Security
  4. Spirit In The Wind
  5. The Last Tournament

B Side

  1. Space Rebel
  2. Jupiter Flight No 9
  3. Indian Planet
  4. Hanged In Universe
  5. Green Creature



2 Comments to “Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman

  • Hi there

    Wonderful that you re-released Herman’s Rocket ‘Space Woman’ album last year, I only hope that for us non-vinyl owning Massiera freaks that you will one day offer a CD and/or digital version!

    One thing I did notice in your blurb was the following:

    « Commissioned by Italian producer Mémé Ibach (Karen Cheryl) »

    I may be wrong here but I am pretty sure that the full name is Humbert ‘Mémé’ Ibach AKA Humbert Petrucci who founded and ran the legendary « Disques Ibach » label as you mentioned.

    Just to confuse matters further, on the writing credits for the Herman’s Rockets tracks Golden Crystallen, Transport Mission Security and Hanged In Univers (which are the ones Petrucci is credited on) he uses yet another pseudonym « Goldera ».

    As for « Karen Cheryl », thats the pseudonym of French singer Isabelle Morizet who released a self-titled album on Disques Ibach in 1980 rather than the pseudonym of Humbert Petrucci (he did however help write tracks for the album along with French library/cosmic disco legends
    Marc Chantereau and Jean Claude Petit to name but a few).

    I hope you don’t think I am been pedantic, I just thought for any future texts surrounding the ‘Space Woman’ album you would want to ammend the information.

    I really love what Mucho Gusto does and enjoy contributing to its knowledge base (even in the most minor anal-retentative manner imaginable!)

    Can I ask, did you get your name from the wonderful Phase 4 « Los Machucambos » album and if not, where from?

    • Rico dit :

      Hi Saucer — your wishes have come true: as of October ’11, our whole catalog is available in digital audio. As for Mémé Ibach, we meant that he produced Cheryl.

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