About Mucho Gusto Records


7243 Berri – Montreal, Qc
H2R 2G4 – Canada



Mucho Gusto Records is a reissue label founded in 1999. Composed of the deviant brains of Jean Garand, Satan Bélanger, Gourmet Délice, Sébastien Desrosiers and Larsen Nick, its mission is to save rare bizarro psych records from oblivion by giving them new life through reissue on vinyl or CD.

2011 sees the second coming of the « Maledictus Sound » by french producer and composer Jean-Pierre Massiera. This elusive recording is now again available on vinyl! Also, after months of painstaking research, the unlikely record guru Satan Bélanger, assisted by Sébastien Desrosiers, has come up with a new volume to his 60s & 70s compilation series. This “Freak Out Total, Volume 33” release promises to its listeners nothing less than a near-nirvana state of levitation.

Mucho Gusto has many projects in the works, including more exclusive compilations and reissues. Until then, Mucho Gusto wishes you a great listen, because like we say, “it’s always better when it was good ».