Visitors on the GTA V Soundtrack

Visitors in Los Santos

So you’ve been playing GTA V?

Well there’s a good chance you’ve noticed the V.I.S.I.T.O.R.S. track by Visitors:

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Divine Pop. Mambo Psalms. Gogo Masses.

Always eager to honour our national motto, Mucho Gusto thought it would be righteous and good to resuscitate a unique period of our musical heritage. The Résurrection! compilation offers a taste of some of the most amazing Christian popular chants from Quebec, recorded during its heyday of 1961-1978.

The selections of titles chosen here reflect not only the spiritual explorations of the clergymen musicians but also from already established popular Quebec artists. Let the music lovers come to us, for tonight, we’re gonna rock the altar!

And let us reassure the more pious among you: like Labelle & Angélil sang, “there is always room for a Quebecois in Heaven…” Amen!

Free Download

Mucho Gusto offers you a free download of the song «Coupe tes longs cheveux» by Yvon Hubert. Click on the «download» button at the bottom of the player to begin your download!

Record Stores Map

Montreal Record Store Map

Take a walk on the A side

What could be better than a good walk on a springtime day? Well, checking out record stores full of pretty music would make it even better. We suggest the Mucho Record Stores Road. We can keep the pilgrimage to Compostela for next year, eh.

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Best of both worlds!

“Human Egg” goes digital


You can now get Jean-pierre Massiera’s “Human Egg” as a digital album from our Mucho Boutique. This means, as for most of our discs, that buying the vinyl also gets you an immediate download of hi-resolution digital audio.

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Hot new vinyls out!


Mucho Gusto has two hot new platters to satisfy your musical hunger!

Freak Out Total Volume 33

After months of painstaking research, the unlikely record guru Satan Bélanger, assisted by Sébastien Desrosiers, has come up with a new volume to his 60s & 70s jello-psych-bubble-trashy-pop-hard-soft-rock compilation series. This “Freak Out Total, Volume 33” release promises to its listeners nothing less than a near-nirvana state of levitation.

Les Maledictus Sound

Also behold the second coming of the « Maledictus Sound » by french producer and composer Jean-Pierre Massiera. This elusive recording is now again available on brand-spanking new vinyl (download card included)! Don’t thank us, it’s what we do!

Get them easy

You can lay your hands on these beautiful 180 gr vinyls through the Mucho boutique. “Les Maledictus Sound” is available on vinyl, on CD, or as a download-only digital album.

More Massiera, More!

The Massiera resurrection is not over!

After Psychoses, volumes 1 and 2, Mucho Gusto Records presents the complete reissues of Herman’s Rocket’s “Space Woman” and Venus Gang’s “Galactic Soul”, two classic “space disco” albums produced in 1977 and 1978.


Space Woman, Herman’s Rocket’s only album, was created in 1977 by Jean-Pierre Massiera and his half brother Bernard Torelli. The goal was to surf on the “space disco” trend, using sci-fi themes and inter galatic grooves. But like many Massiera signature productions, these were too much out there to hit massively.

MGLP010Still connected with the cosmos, Massiera brings the concept back the year after with Venus Gang on the album Galactic Soul (aka Synthetic Soul). The group is comprised of Massiera, Torelli, Patrick Barbero and singers Micky & Joyce.

Get them in your mailbox

These snazzy two are available on beautiful 180 gr vinyl, and come with a download card. Though if you buy them at our Mucho Boutique, you get an instant download of high resolution audio. Or you can take just the digital album, but that’s not nearly as much fun!